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Parks & Income

A quick look at Lake County Forest Preserves and Illinois State Parks locations and income in Lake County, IL. Maps were made in CARTO.

Map of IL Waterways by Stahler stream order

Illinois Waterways

This map depicts the waterways of Illinois categorized by Strahler stream order. It was made using QGIS.

Recreation & Amenities - Lake County, IL

This map highlights amenities (restaurants, bars, libraries, etc.) within a two-mile radius of the numerous parks and preserves in central Lake County, IL. It was made in QGIS

Black Tern Priority Sites

Black Terns are gull-like marsh birds that have declined drastically in North America. This map depicts known Black Tern nesting locations in most of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, current and past. It was made using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder.

About Me

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Conservation Data Coordinator for the National Audubon Society - Audubon Great Lakes. I make maps and manage ecological datasets from marsh bird monitoring programs throughout the Great Lakes region.


In addition to working to conserve natural spaces for birds and native wildlife, I'm working to make the conservation field more equitable to communities of color.

Web Mapping
Mapbox, Carto, ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap, Google Earth
Coding & Web Design
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress
Conservation & Stewardship
Bird Identification, Bird Monitoring, Plant Identification, Plant Monitoring, Vegetation Surveying, Survey123, Chainsaw, Environmental Education